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NatureClips Usage Rights

        UNLIKE MANY OTHER CLIPART SITES, NatureClips allows multiple usage of graphics acquired from the NatureClips website in your commercial, government, or personal project to enhance websites, field guides, interpretive signage, books, brochures, pamphlets, a/v presentations, clothing, etc.

        For instance, use of a graphic in an audio/visual progam, regardless of how many times the program is given, constitutes "one use." If you also use the graphic in a brochure, this would constitute multiple use, and you'd have to pay extra for that privilege at most other clipart sites (or use it anyway ~ then feel guilty).

        There are some restrictions that might apply to a multiple use. Please read the Conditions of Use below, especially e.

        So this multiple use is our gift to you since our clipart costs a bit more than the "FREE CLIPART!!!!!! you see all over the web (but less than the Pay-Per-Use clipart you get from many other sites) . Rest assured that NatureClips clipart is of high quality and accurate to species ~ exactly what you need for professional-looking results.

        No royalties or per-image fees will be charged for your use of images.

        However, because we are making this generous, multiple-use offer, we ask you to observe the following conditions so that we can make enough profit to stay in business:

  1. You may not sell or redistribute NatureClips images as clipart, web art, or multimedia images for any purpose.

  2. You may not share the use of NatureClips images with another party.

  3. You must credit Irene Brady when using the images, in the following form:
                    "©2009 Irene Brady"

  4. Credits may appear elsewhere if the art's location is clearly identified:
                     "©2009 Irene Brady, wolf p.43"

  5. A NatureClips image may not constitute an entire work or concept for commercial purposes without an additional fee. For example: a greeting card featuring a NatureClips image as the subject or major component, or a T-shirt featuring a NatureClips design as its major design. However, arrangements may easily be made for such use by contacting the artist

  6. A NatureClips image may not constitute the major component of a logo or other brand/name recognition device.

  7. In the event that graphics are utilized by service providers or fabricators to create products for you, then you, the purchaser, must require them to adhere to all stated copyright requirements, and limit their use of the image/s to your specified end product.

        Nature Works, NatureClips, and all other subsites on this website, all its documentation and related materials are copyrighted 1998-2004 by Irene Brady, Nature Works Press. All rights are reserved, conditional to terms listed herein. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including digital or other photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, including the internet, without permission in writing from Nature Works Press, except as noted in the terms above.

All images, graphics, and text on this website
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Only clipart images found on the NatureClips clipart site,
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