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Mom Mountain Lion and Kitten
Irene BradyŠ2004         NatureClips images are offered as 300ppi (pixels per inch) TIF (for print use)
and 72ppi GIF files (for online use). The TIF files are 1000ppi in the largest dimension and can be enlarged to about 8"x10" without noticeable loss of quality. Some have white backgrounds.

        The GIF files are sized at 400ppi in the largest dimension and can be presented onscreen at a large size without losing definition. For example, this clipart image of a mother mountain lion teaching her kitten to hunt is exactly the GIF file you will receive if you order "MC-cu-p2, GIF" from the thumbnail image in Mammals Volume 1., Page 2.

        These graphic images are readable on PC, Mac, and other operating systems (OS). All images can be used by any desktop publishing, word processing, image editing or illustration programs which accept GIF/TIF formats. Some images are offered in JPG format where appropriate.

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