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Nature Sketching and Journaling Workshops with Irene Brady

Irene helps an artist Concentration!

After workshop sessions, students are requested to evaluate what they have just experienced. Here are some of their observations:

~ after a Nature Sketching Techniques Session:

"Very helpful. It was awesome! Elise L.

"I liked your sense of humor and the practical ways you have to demonstrate things. Also, you give individual instructions with encouragement but at the same time with respect to people's work." Marisela V.

"The instructor's enthusiasm is perfect! Her knowledge is vast." D.S.

Reason to be pleased! "We are being taught very specific ways to capture the look of animals, birds, leaves, etc. I couldn't be more pleased." Val. M.

"The best part of learning these techniques and being reminded of the others is having you show us how simple they are and easily usable." Nancy G.

"I enjoyed the class because it was taught in an easy and relaxing atmosphere." N.J.

"I'm new at it so my "sponge" is soaking up all your helpful hints." D.S.

Great progress! Artists at work.

~ after a Landscape Sketching Techniques Session:

"This workshop has given me a lens into details in nature I'd never seen before. I can't wait to take my sketchpad and pencil on my next hike." Elise L.

Sketch anywhere you like. "I think your instruction is FABULOUS. You make us happy, confident, and in my case I actually feel myself learning." D.S.

"I would have never attempted this landscape prior to this class so it's good to know if I go slow I can do it." N. G.

"I never in 54 years attended an art class and all of a sudden I'm getting excited that I can not only follow Irene's instruction but am finding my own style. It's a miracle that I could come to this place!" Edeltraud V. R-L.

"Irene -- you get an A+ -- IF you are willing to continue holding classes. I learn so much each time, and I want to learn so much more! PLEEZE! " Val M.

"I love that you have kept the class small so we can all get personal help. Great class. D.S.

~ after a Watercolor Pencil Techniques Session:

It was lots of fun. Karen's Zinnias... I am a beginner! closer up...

"The individual help is so specific and valuable." D.S.

"Irene, your tips and techniques were very helpful and encouraging. Thanks for a very positive experience. The class was a great introduction to using water color pencils. I felt completely engrossed in the tasks." Lita J.

Age is no barrier.

"Such fun and I learned so much!" N.G.

"These three classes have given me confidence to keep practicing. It was enjoyable, well taught and very instructive.The whole experience was very positive. The teacher is excellent." Nancy J.

"You give big ideas simply and clearly so we can absorb and use these skills instantly. Thank you!" Val M.

"Exceeded my expectations. I draw much better as a result of taking this class. All of your tips are helpful."Delores N.

Yes! "This was truly an amazing experience. I feel that I learned something I never was able to understand and to do." Edeltraud V. R-L.

"The teacher is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. She is also light and funny which makes the classroom very enjoyable."Marisela V.

"The best part of learning these techniques and being reminded of the others is having you show us how simple they are and easily usable." N.G.

"I attempted watercolor pencils on my own and gave up -- Irene's instructions gave me the "tools" and "techniques" I needed to feel confident and inspired. Now I'll take sketchbook, pencils AND watercolor pencils to my forays in nature. Yahooooo!" Elise L.

~ after a Nature Journaling Session:

Andrew's Cobra Lily... Darrelle'sJournal... Karen's Journal... Jackie's Cobra Lily Page...

"I learned a lot and found a new passion. I enjoyed the art challenge and sharing of tips and resources." Karen P.

"I think the class was well worth the fee. It enabled me to grow as a sketcher/journaler so I know what to write/draw that will keep me interested in the future." Brian A.

"This workshop pushed me into really looking at the possibilities that are available when journaling ~ opened up my vistas considerably. It was lots of fun and not too intimidating!" Esther B.

"Wonderful, knowledgeable instructors, while experts in their fields, often don't consider the Beginner Mind and can be poorly organized in regards to class structure. Irene is not only a master journaler and scientific illustrator, but she synthesizes complex material into a dense format geared for the novice." Kristi M.

"You were well prepared and experienced in taking beginners through the necessary steps to produce something we'd be really proud of." Karin O.

"The materials are beautifully organized and Irene is an inspirational teacher, knowledgeable and accessible. Thank you!" Darrelle C.

For more information, or to arrange for a workshop, call 1-541-535-3189 or:

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