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Nature Sketching Details
a downloadable PDF workbook (26 pages)

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Nature Sketching Details Cover...          Have you gotten some experience with right-brain sketching techniques but could use some help to take it to the next level?

In this workshop workbook you will learn

  • how to apply cylinder and sphere shading to natural forms
  • how to show soft and hard edges on items
  • professional techniques for drawing botanically correct leaves
  • ways to use grids to draw lizard, snake and fish scales,
    and even the scales on pinecones
  • how to use resource photos to augment drawings
  • Irene's secret quick-and-dirty special effects for creating and preserving fine lines in black backgrounds and
  • the use of cutouts, molds and erasers to create mossy and lace-like effects.

    Cattail Sketch Detail...       Many of these techniques were invented by Irene, and previously were shared only with in-person workshop attendees.

           Irene suggests that you either have a solid grounding in right-brain drawing techniques or that you first download and work through her workbook Nature Sketching Basics before attempting the more advanced techniques in this book

    Mushroom in Moss...        This is a fun workbook with three major projects designed for success: you'll draw and shade a cattail (with exploding fluff); you'll draw a furry mouse and its whiskers against a black background, and you'll create a small masterpiece of a mushroom on a mossy log.

           In her clear, simple, and lightly humorous fashion, Irene leads you through the various projects in dense detail, leaving nothing to chance. Photos and illustrations clarify every step and topic, and plenty of large, clear photos are provided for you to draw and shade from, although you're encouraged to use your own natural items if available.

    MossDone.jpg        You'll be amazed at the soft fuzz on your cattail, the startlingly crisp whiskers on your mouse, and you'll just love your mushroom ~ fit for framing.

    Supplies you'll need to complete the projects in this workbook include:

    • a medium sketchbook with heavy, smooth paper (9x12 is a good size)
    • (2) .5 mechanical pencils loaded with HB and 2B lead
    • drafting pencil loaded with 3B or 4B leads
    • white eraser for heavy erasing
    • kneaded eraser
    • small tortillon (if you aren't familiar with this, ask at an art store)
    • scissors
    • craft knife
    • tapestry or leatherworking needle (dull) or a dull compass point
    • a large eraser to carve on (not ArtGum) or a linoleum block

    Recommended, but not essential:
    • cattails (2-3) to draw
    • a scallop seashell
    • A skull or bones to draw

    Optional items for outdoor sketching include:
    • magnifying glass
    • umbrella, folding chair/cushion, water bottle.
    • watercolor pencils and waterbrush

    This workbook is in the form of a PDF which you can download with Adobe Acrobat,
    save to your computer, and print out immediately on 8˝ x 11 paper.
    It is priced at $9.95.

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