(please read this column all the way through before beginning)
1. On this popup Clipart List, copy and paste the stock number for each choice, then write TIF or GIF after each.
  • TIF files = print use
  • GIF files = web use (DON'T click Clipart List above again. It will delete previous choices.)

  • When you click on catalog pages between choices, the popup list will be minimized to the bottom taskbar and named "Clipart List."

    2. Go to the Price List to order.

    3. On your popup Clipart List, fill in the blanks and click "Submit."

    We'll mail your CD or email your files when PayPal registers

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    North American Miscellany, Volume 1
    (Actual images are much larger than these thumbnails)

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    Free Christmas Holly ~
    just copy & paste
    European Bittersweet