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A Nature Sketchbook

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"...artfully done: Irene Brady has written and beautifully illustrated several books about animals for children. My favorite is Wild Babies..."     The Feminist Bookstore News, 4/88

"A baby-animal book sufficiently different to outclass most of the books of its genre. ...all ages can enjoy and learn from this book."     School Library Journal, 1979

"The wonder, emotion, and appeal of the art in Wild Babies makes for a most tasteful and highly recommended gift book."     Library Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review, 1/02

WILD BABIES received a National Science Teachers Association and Children's Book Council's Outstanding Science Books for Children award.

       Written and illustrated for ages eight to twelve, WILD BABIES is super for reading to preschoolers, (some adults sheepishly admit to enjoying it a lot, too.) There are pictures on every page, many of them in the same lovely sepia tones used on the cover.

Here's the story:
      In a cave in the canyon, a bobcat drowses while her three kittens wrestle playfully. High above them a big-eared bat and her tiny batling hang by their toes from the cavern's rocky ceiling.

       In the trees and meadows of the canyon other small creatures are also growing and learning the things they must know to stay alive.

      Watch as the bear cubs learn to find wild honey and the young squirrels take their first real look at the leafy world of their old oak tree. The deer shows her fawns how to stay hidden in the long grass while predators pass by, and the red-tailed hawk brings a squirrel to her squawking chicks.

      From early spring when the bobcats are born, to the first snowfall when the bear cubs begin their long winter sleep, we follow the lives of these young wild creatures in their forest home.

This 8x10.5 paperback retails at $8.95. Volume discounts are available.

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