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Have you ever kept a journal?
Did you ever go the beach to see what you could see -- and sketch and write it all down so you'd always remember?

Irene Brady did, and her journal is a delightful journey into the wonders of a sunny beach..... gulls drifting by, seashells and windrows of seaweed to catch her imagination.

But suddenly, something much larger looms into view -- a Northern Elephant Seal! From a vantage point behind a dune, the artist observes the drama of the great wrinkled bull elephant seal with his harem of three cows and two calves.

What do you do when a multi-ton juggernaut heads in your direction? You're right there with her, sharing in the spontaneity of her observations and her sense of excitement and discovery.

Frequently chosen as a primer in journal-keeping classes, this book says it all -- in the best way possible.

"...illustrations appear as pages torn from the author's notebook and set the mood for this quiet, detailed study of shore life." School Library Journal, 11/79

"Irene Brady provides nature enthusiasts with a vicarious thrill -- a trip to a California beach to observe elephants seals. Elephants on the Beach is an outstanding nature book." St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/79

"Brady's informal sketchbook format is matched by the style of the drawings, which are attractively composed, pleasantly softened with gray or sand-colored washes, and engaging in their depiction of the seals' actions and expressions." Kirkus Reviews, 7/79

"...another splendid work, of particular interest to young naturalists. It isn't often one finds a scientific book with so much verve." Publishers Weekly, 5/79

This 7 x 9" paperback special ~ $7.95.
Only a few copies left, with some small marks along the edge.

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