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by Francis Zweifel -- illustrated by Irene Brady
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     Written for children ages 4-8, this book is great for reading to younger children -- particularly on the eve of their parent's evening out or during their stay at a childcare center. With warm, sepia-toned pictures on every page, young kids may actually enjoy coming to terms with the idea of a babysitter...

      Because humans aren't the only ones to use babysitters!

     All around the world, animal "aunts" and "uncles" babysit the babies of their own herds, troops or flocks. Older range cows watch over several little calves while their mothers are away. Each baby African elephant has a female teenage baby-sitter who chooses it at birth as a special responsibility. Japanese macaque monkeys have "uncles" -- young males that hold, walk and groom the babies and teach them to find food. And a whole flock of acorn woodpeckers takes care of one nestful of chicks!

     You aren't alone, kids! Everybody's doin' it!

"An attractive, positive subject, suitably shaped for the audience and pleasantly set off by Brady's warm earth-colored drawings."     Kirkus, 9/81

"Zweifel's even text looks at the role of animal aunts in several species...explaining how such help strengthens the group. Brady's pictures, soft, realistic, sepia-washed drawings, are a pleasant accompaniment."      Booklist,10/81

This 7 x 9" paperback retails at $7.95. Volume discounts are available.

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