The Southern Swamp Explorer...The Southern Swamp Explorer...

...your "MUST TAKE" guide for visiting any Southern Swamp in America.

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This book is a great gift
for the budding naturalist, nature explorer,
and anyone else ~ of any age ~ who loves nature
and is curious about what's happening out there!"

Arrow Arum Plant...Did you ever wish you could explore inside a swamp without

  • getting soaking wet
  • becoming totally lost
  • being scared out of your wits
  • getting all mucky
  • or being eaten by an alligator?

Well, now you CAN.

The Southern Swamp Explorer
is your ticket into the real life of a swamp.
You can read it in bed, from your hammock, lying in the grass or at your desk ~
living life right along with the swamp's wild creatures,
and not even get a mosquito bite.
Barred Owl

OR, you can take this book with you when you go swamping.

It will answer your questions

and make you want to know more ~ much more.
(and you'll probably find the answers right there in the book.)

The unusual format features an ongoing real-life fictional narrative of the interconnected daily life of more than forty swamp creatures ~ birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, insects and plants. Facing each story page are illustrated side-bars crammed full of cool info and fun facts.
(set to the side to avoid slowing down the story).

You'd probably like to see inside the book. Wouldn't you like to know what the alligator on the book cover is doing with those hatchlings?
Take a peek!

It's a book any nature lover will cherish ~ but you don't have to take our word for it. Listen to what these people who have already read it have to say.



Oppossum Pup...
The Midwest Book Review, Reviewer's Bookwatch: February 2009, Burroughs' Bookshelf, John Burroughs

"..."The Southern Swamp Explorer" is informatively written and profusely illustrated by Irene Brady who blends her impressively researched data with the skills of a natural story teller.

The result is a compendium of information and facts about forty-six animals associated with these wetland ecosystems. Of special note is the engaging discussion of the characteristics of a swamp, how they are formed, the different classifications of swamps, and the types of plants and wildlife to be found in cypress swamps, as well as the hardwood forests, pine flatwoods, and scrub lands that surround them.

Enhanced with a comprehensive four-page index, "The Southern Swamp Explorer" is appropriate as a curriculum suppliment for environmental studies and highly recommended for non-specialist general readers ages 13 to adult."

ForeWord ~ Reviews of Good Books Independently Published, ForeSight Feature: Green Islands: Perspectives, Guides, and Visual Records of the Natural World by: Todd Mercer ~ January/February 2009

"From the bayous of Louisiana to subtropical Florida, the Deep South is vitally alive and full of surprises for the unprepared, some of them potentially deadly.

Irene Brady, the writer and illustrator behind The Southern Swamp Explorer (Nature Works Press, 978-0-915965-05-2) builds more interest than a simple cataloging of common species could by focusing on forty-six of them in a linked narrative of predation and interaction. Along the way she comments on both general marshland conditions and curiosity-stoking details.

Young BobcatThe author stresses the interdependency of swamp species, pointing out aspects of symbiosis that aren’t obvious. For example, alligators save more lives than they end. Their habit of digging deeper pools is a key to survival during the peak of the dry season, as those places end up being the sources of drinking water for many other species, only a few of whom are picked off for food. Brady points out that swamps aren’t static, they’re places in long-term transition: “…all habitats are changing from one type to another depending on fire, rain, drought, flood, and wildlife or human activities.”"

Elizabeth Wasserman, Naturalist, Homer, Alaska

"Irene Brady’s latest book, The Southern Swamp Explorer, will lead you into a strange world where few of us have gone before.

The remarkably detailed illustrations and the true-to-life narrative transport you directly into the amazing ecosystem of the deep swamp ~ then, the thorough, interesting sidebars reveal its wonder-filled mysteries, with close-ups, diagrams, and even a few funny rhymes to help remember things.

This extraordinary book is a true treasure for any naturalist, any age, anywhere."

Arthur P. Cooley, Founding Trustee , Environmental Defense Fund

“Swamps ... full of hidden life and mysterious sounds, peculiar creatures with curious habits, strange plants with surprising qualities ~ an unfamiliar place until you read The Southern Swamp Explorer by Irene Brady.
Turtle Skeleton

Clear enough to hold the attention of a pre-teen, The Southern Swamp Explorer is also an absorbing journey for the curious adult looking for answers.

Take it with you next time you go swamping. It will greatly enrich your experience.”

Carol Lovell-Saas,
Biologist, Educator and Director, Biophilia Nature Center,
Elberta, Alabama

Ox Beetle
"I love this book!!! The Southern Swamp Explorer is a real treasure chest and a tool kit that you can take into the swamp, use in the classroom, or just enjoy wherever you may be.

Weaving her rich artwork and natural history lessons into the “big picture,” Brady has created a beautiful portrait of the traditionally unloved swamp. She captures the imagination while highlighting the assets and values of wetlands.

I recommend it for nature education programs, promotion of wetlands conservation, and for sheer pleasure!”

Native American cornfield with gourd bird houses...
Jennifer Rigby, Director, Acorn Naturalists,
"the premier nature catalog for today's young naturalists"

"Part field guide, part nature journal, The Southern Swamp Explorer does a beautiful job of engaging readers with vivid narrative, exquisite drawings, and fascinating facts about denizens of swamps and other Southern Wetlands."

Red-shouldered Hawk
Claire R. Coco, Director,
BREC’s Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center,
Baton Rouge, LA

"...the Southern Swamp Explorer is loaded with information about southern swamp ecosystems. Natural and cultural history, biology, botany, and ecology, presented in user-friendly text and fun-fact sidebars, is easy to understand and entertaining for all ages.

And with directions to some of the best sites to view southern swamps,
the Southern Swamp Explorer can serve as a great trip planner, too.”

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