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The lnterpretive Arts Portfolio
of lrene Brady

Realistic, Precise, Natural History lllustrations

This is a representative portion of my portfolio
(click for enlarged images).
thumbnail of finished panel thumbnail of finished panel They may take a little time to download,
but if you are looking for details,
they will be worth the wait.
The two illustrations seen in their final on-site panel form as thumbnails (above right) are viewable enlarged at the IAU! website.
Acrylic illustrations for "Planning For Ponderosas" and "Opening for Aspens,"
interpretive displays for Interpretive Arts Unlimited!, a USDA Forest Service Enterprise Team.

Ponderosa Forest, Natural State Aspen Forest, Natural State

Acrylic illustrations of the birds below
were for "Cape Perpetua Bird Life" interpretive display,
Interpretive Arts Unlimited!, a USDA Forest Service Enterprise Team.
Western Gull and Crab

White-crowned Sparrow in Salal Rufous Hummingbird

Osprey With Fish Shasta Women With Winter Work

Above: pen & ink illustration of Pre-European Shasta Women for
North Mountain Park Nature Center, Ashland, Oregon, trail markers and exhibit.

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