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Calf Aunt

         One little calf kicks up his heels. He playfully butts his head at another calf. Old Red looks at the mischief-maker and shakes her head up and down, up and down. The calf backs away and stands still. Now all the calves wait quietly with Old Red while their mothers get a long, cool drink.

         As each cow leaves the corral, she collects her own calf. (The calves do not need water; they get enough in their mothers' milk.) Cow and calf move off a little way to wait for the others. Finally, Old Red is free to get a drink of water for herself.

         What is going on here? Is Old Red really babysitting?

         Yes, indeed! The old red cow is a baby-sitter. She watches over the calves every time the herd comes to the corral for water.